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January 27, 2022
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Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You -12 Reasons

Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You.If you’ve noticed your dog sniffing you more than usual, it may seem like he or she isn’t feeling well or that something else is wrong.

But, there are several reasons why your pup might be sniffing you like crazy lately! Before you assume the worst, read through these eight reasons and see if any of them apply to your dog.


12 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You

1. Looking at you

Doesn’t want to be left behind-Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You

Scent is among your dog’s most primal of senses.

Dogs rely on their noses more than any other sense, and even though they can’t communicate with us verbally, dogs use olfactory cues to convey many messages to us.

So it makes sense that if your dog notices something new about you—such as perfume or cologne—he might want to get a closer whiff by sniffing you!

2. Doesn’t want to be left behind

Doesn’t want to be left behind-Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You
Doesn’t want to be left behind-Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You

Dogs are pack animals, and they feel most secure when they’re around their family. If you suddenly abandon your dog by leaving home or going to work, it can be upsetting.

If you always leave him home alone while you’re at work, that may be a reason why he’s sniffing you more than usual. There might be some concern there; if not, he might just miss your smell.

3.Trying to get your attention

natural behavior
Trying to get your attention-Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You

It could be that your dog is trying to get your attention.

Dogs use their sense of smell as a major way to communicate with each other and they’re not shy about using it when they have something important to say.

He may have detected something in your environment that is making him anxious. Perhaps he smelled an insect or saw another animal nearby and would like you to check it out, too.

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4. Anxiety or stress

emotional issues
Anxiety or stress-Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and they’re often capable of detecting their owners’ feelings by their pheromones.

Dogs are extremely sensitive to stress and anxiety—and they pick up on these emotions even more than they do basic emotions like fear or anger.

If you’re feeling anxious, your dog might be exhibiting extra signs of affection because he wants to help you feel better.

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5. Having fun with other dogs

A lot of times your dog wants to sniff other dogs because they’re having fun or want to play. It could also be a show of dominance or a way for them to get you excited.

If they’re sniffing in front of you, it could be an attempt at getting your attention, but if they do it while you’re petting them or playing with them, there’s probably nothing wrong with it.

6. Going poo


While we’re not entirely sure why dogs sniff each other’s butts, experts speculate that it could be to acquire information about a dog’s gender or health.

Some believe it has to do with scent glands found in a dog’s anal region. It could also simply be that your dog is just smelling you and likes what he smells.

7. Hunger

pork meat
Hunger-Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You


A dog’s sense of smell is much more acute than a human’s, and his nose picks up on different scents in your sweat that he may be attracted to.

Be sure your dog is fed and well-exercised before he starts sniffing you incessantly.

If he has an empty stomach or hasn’t been exercised enough, he may be trying to tell you that it’s time for a snack or a walk!

8.You visited a new place recently

Maybe your pup got a whiff of something interesting when you visited a garden or went on a hike, and now she’s desperate to investigate that scent—you.

It may seem odd, but dogs (especially those who don’t live with other animals) often use their snouts to explore and learn about different places.

9.You are pregnant or recently gave birth

pregnent-Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You
If your dog suddenly starts sniffing you even more than usual, she may be trying to determine if you’re pregnant or have recently given birth.

The pheromones of pregnant women and new mothers are similar to those of other mother dogs, so a canine may mistake your scent for that of another dog in order to find out whether she needs to protect her pups (more on how pets can sense when babies are coming ).

10.You are sick

You are sick
You are sick-Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sniffing You

As unappealing as it may seem, sniffing you is a way for your dog to try and understand what’s going on with your body.

It’s not uncommon for canines to start sniffing their owners more if they develop a bad cold or suffer from allergies.

If you notice that your pup seems unusually interested in smelling you during or after an illness, talk to your vet about it.

Maybe he knows something important that could help get things back on track quickly.

11.You bought a new brand of cologne

Your dog may be associating your new scent with a visit to an interesting place.

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and can detect even minuscule amounts of certain smells.

When they catch that whiff, they assume you went on a fun trip! They might also feel like something is different because they haven’t seen you in a while, which could explain why they seem to give you more attention than usual.

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12. They’re checking you for injuries.

Dogs are instinctively drawn to sniffing out injuries on other animals. So, if your dog is sniffing you, they may be trying to see if you’re hurt in any way.

So although your dog might seem like he just came in from a long day at work or school, it’s actually because he’s lonely.

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